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The Adventure Continues

Four years after moving back to Southern California, I am starting a new adventure. Actually, it is the continuation of an old adventure. Before relocating to Beverly Hills in 2013, I spent more than a decade in Manhattan. My last years there were spent writing with my writing partner, who is also my husband. We turned out a pretty good portfolio of scripts and landed a production deal. I also spent those years working as a media consultant, helping entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, and big businesses develop effective image campaigns, polish their presentation skills, position themselves as experts in their fields, and get them media exposure. I drew on my many years of experience as a writer, producer, media executive, and on-air reporter. And it worked. I was able to help my clients grow their businesses through media appearances, speaking opportunities, and social media. I never stopped writing here in LA, even while working a full-time news job. Now, I am adding media consulting back into the mix. I look forward to taking on new clients and the new adventure.

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