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Storytelling is my passion. Whether I'm working as a journalist, screenwriter, or producer, it's all about telling a compelling story.

My words have appeared on every major broadcast network and many of the world's top online sites. I've interviewed government officials, CEOs, educators, and policy makers as a business journalist.

As a TV screenwriter, I've been on staff and written  freelance. I have just completed a new film script and my partner and I currently have a TV development deal with a production studio.

As an award-winning producer, my goal is to tell a good story and make the storyteller look good doing it. I've produced thousands of hours of live television from the field and in the studio. I've produced, shot, and edited videos for various platforms. My work has won EMMYs, Peabodys, duPonts, a Gracie, and many more national and local awards. 

Kamira Productions

Co-Owner | Writer | Executive Producer KAMIRA Productions currently has a development deal for their original TV series, Desire. Get in Touch


Editor-in-Chief Interviews for WorkingNation with leaders from business, government, academia, and nonprofits on solutions to the skills gap. Read My Articles

Work in Progress podcast

Host | Executive Producer A WorkingNation podcast focused on the future of work, looking at ways to train and reskill the workforce. Listen Here

Investigative Report

Investigative Journalist | Executive Producer This half-hour investigative special on whistle-blowers within a child welfare agency won a Golden Mike award. The original report also won a Golden Mike for best investigative series. Both were nominated for EMMY awards. Watch the Video

Feature Report

Executive Producer This two-part series won a Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media. I based the series on conversations I had with some of the women who eventually took part. Watch the Video

Digital Documentary

Executive Producer | Interviewer | Writer The Wall Street Journal hired me to tell the story of the problems with the Facebook IPO in Unfriended, the Journal's first digital documentary. I conducted all the interviews, wrote, and produced. Watch the Video

Digital Documentary

Executive Producer | Interviewer | Writer Romney's Mormon Faith Takes Center Stage The second of three reports that were part of the WSJ digital documentary project. Watch the Video

Digital Documentary

Executive Producer | Interviewer | Writer Presidential Debates: Why The Little Things Matter The third and final report in the WSJ digital documentary project. Watch the Video

Quirky Jerky

Executive Producer | Interviewer | Writer A profile for The Daily of a small business company that begin on a Brooklyn apartment balcony. Watch the Video

Live Production

Executive Producer I've talked my way into some unusual places. This is one of my favorites. This was the first-ever live broadcast from atop the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Also convinced the Governor of Washington to join us.

Live Production

Executive Producer Over three years, we broadcast a dozen live shows from inside the Four Seasons Restaurant - birthplace of the famed "Power Lunch" - to a world-wide audience. It was one of the most challenging, and rewarding, series of programs of my career. Watch the Video

Live Production

Executive Producer Broadcasting live from the floor of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia from 5:00 am PT to 11:00 pm PT daily. The key to our success: very talented co-workers.

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